Convert Your Static Forms Today!

We at Class Act PDF can make your business more flexible, productive, and simple for your clients to send you the information you need. Class Act PDF not only can convert any static forms you have into fillable PDF forms, but we can now add a submit function so that the completed form is sent to a specified e-mail address.

How does this new PDF Submit Service work for you?

The PDF Submit Service allows your business forms to be more secure by sending the data directly from the document to your e-mail. Usually, clients would need to complete the form online and attach the completed form to a message that is sent from their e-mail application to you. Unfortunately, that attachment could contain a virus. Well, that's no longer a worry when you use the PDF Submit Service for your fillable PDF forms. Clients simply complete the form online and click a Submit button to send the data directly to you without using their e-mail application. Sending the information collected in your forms couldn't be easier for your clients, and you can specify the e-mail account to which you want the data sent and the format in which you want to receive the data: PDF, FDF, or XML.

For a demonstration of how this PDF Submit Service can work for you, click Forms Examples.


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